Carrie Brummer

Carrie Brummer is a Dubai based artist and teacher who hails from the United States.

She holds a huge love and respect for the visual arts and is happiest when creating art or helping others recognize and celebrate their creative potential.

Carrie’ s artwork varies in media according to her goals for each particular piece. She works primarily in acrylic but has also experimented in watercolors, oil, ink, pencil, embroidery, photography and graphic design. Her love of media is only surpassed by her love of the human spirit. As such, Carrie’ s work is predominantly portrait based. Her portraits have investigated self, identity, vanity, perspective/point of view, and emotion.

Currently Carrie is finishing up a project entitled 52 Paintings in 52 Weeks, where
she creates one artwork a week for the whole year of 2010. When this is completed she plans to develop some large-scale artworks and engage in more commissioned works. In addition to these activities, Carrie writes a blog entitled Artist Think, which celebrates creative goal setting and artists who inspire.

Carrie Brummer

T: +31 546 572 001