Ivan Valerio

Belgian Fashion Designer/artist Ivan Valerio from Greek/Italian background, For Fashion and Art  Hi studied in the prestigious School of Arts in Athens, as a Fashion Designer. He always had a passion to create Art, no matter what the medium. Although fashion design is his main passion, drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography are other mediums of fine art that Ivan Valerio dabbles in.  As a qualified Fashion Designer, he was always wondering if a person who creates Art, needs a diploma in Art or does he just need talent? 

His Art critics say that, he has transferred his passions across lines of Fashion and fine Art, many of his ideas, techniques & inspirations used in his Art, are originated  from his flamboyant life style throughout the years! free expression lead to greater charisma and this is obvious to be recognized in the work of Ivan Valerio.

Being a full-time professional designer/artist, his creations/paintings are owned by collectors around the world.

The “waves of colors” is a collection of landscape of life, are constructed from bold swathes of lines and colors. A mix of vibrant strong high quality colors is the liner style.

Mix of abstract, contemporary yet capable of fitting may interior shames.   

The collection of his work with the title “Waves of Colors” is uncompromisingly modern and exudes graphic confidence, exclusively made mix by using palette knifes and bare hands and very little brushes, and this collection is destiny for unique high street clienteles, art lovers. 

All the paintings are created by using high quality canvases and oil paints and they are coated, with special varnish, in order to protect them for life time.