Born in Lebanon, I grew up in Dubai and lived in both Beirut and Chicago.  I have always been fascinated by colors shapes and textures and have been painting since childhood. My artworks reflect the simple yet beautiful aspects that make up our world. 

My overall art style is abstract and modern. It covers many topics that range from nature, to people to thoughts and emotions. 

I have two categories to my work: Abstract and Structures. The abstract paintings are made using different types of media like oil and acrylic to sand, stones and glitter on canvas and its really inspired by everything we experience in life. As for my structures work I just love to draw cities around the world and portray them in an abstract way through my own lens, these paintings are done using soft pastels on canvas. 

In 2002 I decided to follow my passion and become a full time artist and I have been painting professionally since then. For me painting is a haven, a serene escape where the process of creating is really more important than the end result.