Wouter Kingma

Wouter is a Dubai based freelance commercial photographer who has specialized in taking on board unique photography projects. His work ranges from running out in the field covering fast moving sports and automotive events to studio based creative assignments. He works hard to delivery images that are captivating, creative, unique and shot from usual and unusual angles. Different and varied!

Wouter has an ongoing exhibition at MORE of his 'Adventure Sports Collection', which is a compilation of his strongest images taken during the toughest human endurance races on our planet. These races are pure madness but incredible fun to shoot. How do you tell a story of someone who has just ran 250 kilometres through the hottest desert in the world? Or teams of 4 athletes who have been out running, navigating, kayaking, mountain biking and hanging off cliffs for 10 consecutive days with as little as only two hours of sleep a day... Yeap crazy but such a moving and emotional kind sport to document.

I addition to photography Wouter also produces unique coffee table books on a variety of different titles. Providing photography for a book is an interesting task as it seeks harmony between commercial messages, documentary photography, creative direction and needs to blend in with the book design. Wouter offers his clients an all-inclusive book production service whereby he manages the imagery, text, design and book distribution.